Olga Hurtado


Overview And Experience


Olga Hurtado, MBA, is a Business Consultant with more than 21 years of experience, who works with NeatBooks to help small and mid-sized businesses’ in their accounting, bookkeeping and administration departments by keeping their financials and processes.

Olga believes that a proper bookkeeping is a key factor for any business owner to see their organization’s grow and by using the right technology, the companies can see a big impact in their bottom line.




Professional experiences in Colombia, Honduras and United States have helped her understand that globalization contributes positively to any organization and that along with her experience, she makes great contributions to the client’s growth and more importantly, clients see her more as a partner and business associate than the outsourced service provider.


Olga holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and International Business and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in Business Intelligence and Analytics. She is a QBO Proadvisor, Blockchain for Business Certified from Cornell University, and a AIPB Member.


AIPB Member



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