Tax Preparation

We have the expertise that is essential to help you file your tax returns while also assisting you to reduce your tax liability with thorough planning.

Our business tax services include:


We have the competence to provide tax preparation services for any type of business including: C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnerships.

State Tax Preparation

Though we are based in Florida, we can also manage the necessary state tax preparation for other states.

Tax Estimates and Payments

Businesses often need to make tax estimates and quarterly tax payments. Paying more or less of your tax liability within your fiscal year, will impact your cash flow. We will use our understanding and expertise to create accurate tax projections.

Individual Tax Returns

Whether you need current year returns prepared or need to file prior years returns our professional team can assist you with your tax return.

Individual Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

Out-of-State Returns

Amended Tax Returns

Other Tax Services

Sales Taxes Florida Application

Reemployment Tax Application

Sales Tax Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Filing

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Our main objective is to accompany our clients in their growth, providing them with accounting, financial and administrative advice

With a proper tax planning you can reduce your tax amount due and save money.

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We offer virtual bookkeeping services to take care of your numbers so you can take care of your business.

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We provide financial management solutions to help you achieve profitable results.

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Understanding your cash flow can be the key to remain afloat during economic hardship.

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The key of business success is to maximize the use of technology. We can help you find the most suitable IS for your business.

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We help you organize your internal administration procedures to boost your efficiency

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We will help you every step of the way

We help you improve your business processes by implementing state of the art technology and using it properly to manage your books so you can see your “Big Picture.”