Nischay Rawal

Overview And Experience


Nischay Rawal is an Enrolled Agent with a Masters and Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He is on his way to becoming a Certified Public Accountant under the AICPA. He has over 4 years of experience within the tax industry and has been working closely with several businesses to solve their complex tax problems and provide experience and knowledge in entity structure planning, tax consulting, preparing accounting records, financial reports, and tax returns. 
Nischay Rawal believes in creating value for our stakeholders, including our community, employees, and clients through strong professional relationships and smart financial guidance enabling each individual to reach their full potential. 



His professional experience in the United States has helped him gain knowledge on the information that needs to go into different tax forms and how to analyze business operations. This expertise can be seen when he reviews and prepares our client’s tax forms and provides the best suggestions that would benefit the client.


Nischay holds a Bachelors in Accounting from Alcorn State University and a Masters in Accounting from Millennia Atlantic University. 

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