Iván Sarria

Overview And Experience


Iván Sarria is a Publicist specializing in project management, overseeing internal processes, and ensuring cybersecurity within the firm.



Iván has worked in advertising agencies in Colombia, accumulating over a decade of expertise in the printing market.
Having expanded his horizons to the United States, Iván ventured into the television market, where he served as a producer. He successfully created and managed numerous projects on Hispanic television networks, including Telemundo for 13 years.

Currently, Iván is redirecting his career towards the financial market, leveraging his extensive experience as a project manager to contribute to the firm’s success. In this capacity, he oversees the creation and management of projects, ensuring their seamless execution. Additionally, Iván plays a crucial role in supervising all aspects related to cybersecurity, further fortifying the firm’s operational integrity.

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