Andrea Asprilla

Overview And Experience


Andrea Asprilla is an accountant with the skills and abilities to collaborate in the development of the functions of the administrative and financial area. She is a proactive person who wants to put all her professional and humanistic potential at your disposal, seeking personal and organizational growth.

“Personally, I consider that accounting is of great importance because it oversees measuring the economic reality of a company or organization, and thus encourage adequate planning and control; There is no other way to obtain the necessary, true, and quantitative information. Optimal decision-making in any organization depends on this system.” – Andrea Asprilla




Her professional experience in Colombia has helped her develop skills and abilities in the development of functions in administrative and financial area. She has worked in various areas like finance, inventories, payroll and commercial. The skills she developed are shown in the work she does for our clients.


  • Accounting and Finance Technologist
  • Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)

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