Adriel Kornschuh

Overview And Experience


Adriel Kornschuh is an accountant and bachelor’s in business administration who not only focuses on preparing taxes and performing accounting and finance for clients, but also puts himself in the shoes of the client to help them make better decisions.

“Companies that have all their processes related to accounting, taxes and finances adequately are the most likely to be successful. The clarity of information provides an invaluable tool when making decisions.”



Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) – Bachelor in Business Administration, National Public Accountant


Has 2 international language diplomas [English C1 (CAE – Cambridge) – German B1 (Sprachdiplom, Kultusministerkonferenz)]

He has worked for both large companies (EY, Accenture) and medium and small businesses.

Founded a human resources consulting company with his girlfriend (mainly it does search and selection of staff/employees for the clients who are the businesses)

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